Our veneering process comprises of the use of a vacuum table which enables us to veneer curves and shapes which are not possible with just clamping.


This picture shows a dash board ashtray top rail. Our specialist woodworker has walnut veneered this on our vacuum table.


Front door cappings with the vacuum formers and veneer ready to go into the vacuum table to be glued.


Rear door cappings ready to go onto vacuum table, the original piece is shown on the top left.

 Veneering04   All these pieces have been veneered and trimmed, they are now ready for the refinishing process which involves two component sealers and clear coats.
 Veneering05   Here we have a dash board, it shows the veneer former prior to it going into the vacuum table.

This is the finished dash after the veneering process.


Close up view of glove box veneering showing the match, note also the solid walnut handle which is also pattern matched.


The veneer can be coated in a variety of finishes, from a high gloss 2 pack clean through to a gun oil.  This particular dash is finished in 'True Oil Gun Finish' so the grain is still visible.

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