Door Buffer       Handbrake Assembly
door buffer small   door buffer1 small   SAM 8387 small
Side Screen Knobs and Sockets        
sdiescreen knob small  

Knob Chromed and Finished

NZ $175.00 each

Knob Bare Casting

NZ $65.00

Sidescreen Socket (Stainless) 

NZ $35.00


   sidescreen knob1 small
Side Screen Hinges
For the front hinged part of Tourer sidescreens, as original with teeth centre to lock the serated sidescreen open


NZ $175.00 each

sidescreen1 2 small   sidescreen2 small   sidescreen3 small
Boot Locks
Fully functioning boot lock with original style key with boot latches to match
boot lock smalls   boot lock3 small   boot catch1 small
boot catch4 small  

 Locking Centre Catch     

                    NZ $1250.00

                  Side Latches  

               NZ $800.00 each

We can supply as a kit of castings:

Side Latches as a 'kit' 

 NZ $200.00 each

Centre Locking Catch as a 'Kit'

NZ $400.00

  boot catch3 small
Accelerator Pedal and Fixings       Apron Knobs
accelerator2 small   accelerator6 small   Apron knobs small
Radiator Cap and Motif complete with all fittings, individual parts also available  
Radiator Cap small   radiator cap3 small   radiator cap4 small

 Radiator Cap Complete - Unchromed     Radiator Cap Complete with SS1 'Winged' Badge surround - Unchromed

                NZ $1700.00                                                                     NZ $3700.00


 Headlight Mounts

 headlamp mount1 smalls       headlamp mount small
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